Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hungry for Bluhd

Although Halloween has passed here, Vampires are still everywhere you look. Please tell me you've been watching True Blood on HBO. I'm completely obsessed! The premise is basically the Japanese (b/c they smart n shit) invented a synthetic blood which enables Vampires to leave among humans as a race. It's all about Vampire-Human relations and Vampire stereotypes and "Fang-Bangers". So good. And then last night I went to see a movie called "Let The Right One In", a Swedish indie film about a shy little boy who is bullied at school but befriends a young vampire girl. It's a beautiful film and only feeds my current Vamp obsession. Don't even get me started on Twilight...

Hungry for Velvet

It's taken me a long time to like velvet (fabric, not the brand). It always felt kind of Ren Fair or goth (bad goth i mean, there is a good goth) or "craft-lady" or just not not special enough. Today I am a new woman, a woman who likes VELVET! I even have a secret crush on blue crushed velvet. Mostly I'm just into these velvet leggings or velvet used in silhouettes besides an obvious blazer or pant from The Gap. see? velvet feels fresh all of a sudden, doesnt it?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hungry For Sparkle

What do you think of when you think "Holiday"? Snow maybe? Or perhaps you have visions of eggnog and sugarplum fairies? It's sure not the same as when I was a wee nipper. I used to get butterflies in my tummy when I thought about the holiday season. Now, you know what gets me all giddy and excited? SEQUINS! If there was a way I could eat sequins and not get sick I think I might do it. I'm not thinking of sequins in an M.I.A. way but more of a dark disco way. Just ask Karl, he'll tell you all about it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Duke Spirit

My new favorite obsession, The Duke Spirit. Front woman Leila Moss is my ideal woman, blond and agro with a raspy voice and English accent. She sounds like a mix of Kim Gordon + Karen O and looks like a mix between Debbie Harry + Swedish Wolf Girrrl.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is one colab I migth actually wait in line for overnight. I've always wanted to do that, be one of those mega-fans who dont mind sleeping in a chair just to be the first one to own the Polka-Dot Weekender Bag from the Comme x H&M collection. I imagine other fanatics sharing their Cliff Bars and bottled water with me and eyeing me to get a good look at who they'll be fighting over what with.

Comme des Garçons’ founder and head designer Rei Kawakubo will create this autumn’s guest designer collection at H&M. Rei Kawakubo, famous and admired for her creativity and artistry, will design a women’s and a men’s collection, with some pieces for children too. Accessories and an exclusive unisex fragrance will also be included in the collection.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hungry Eyes on Tour in NYC

It was the perfect New York week! Here's a recap of my adventures:

+Bowery Hotel: the patio bar, the spaghetti, the key chains, the matches! the everything!
+Rooftop Party: the most amazing New York Sky/Skyline, purple sky, silver clouds and grey buildings..
+New Museum-"After Nature" exhibit: Headless Horse by Maurizio Cattelan, Girl rolling around on the floor and Artur Żmijewski (b.1966), still from Oko za Oko (An Eye for an Eye).
+Cuban Sandwhich at De Espana
+My surprise birthday party- thank you, i love you! At Bacaro, an underground cave that serves delicious food!
+Dee & Ricky (The Twinz) - New York necessities
+Gillian's hazardous/slash/glamorous lifestyle

*Thank you to all who made this possible. (Jarrett)